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Eagle Group: Join Sheet Metal Workers’ Local 19

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Ready for a stable future for you and your family?

Joining a union isn’t just about earning a higher paycheck. Sheet Metal Workers’ Local 19 offers free job training, comprehensive health and welfare coverage, and retirement plans to all of its members.

In a union, you’ll sit across the table from your boss alongside your fellow workers to push for better pay and health and retirement benefits for you and your loved ones.

“If you’re okay with a job, keep doing what you’re doing. If you want a lifelong career, with good wages and benefits that will provide for your family, you’ll only find that in a union.”
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Across the country, we are 150,000 members strong, united in the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers, AFL-CIO.

Do you work at Eagle Group and work with the following?

  • HVAC
  • Industrial Sheet Metal
  • Architectural Sheet Metal
  • Specialty Sheet Metal Production
  • Sign Fabrication and Installation

It’s time to stand together with your coworkers for the strength in numbers to demand good wages, benefits and respect.

The Local 19 difference

Great pay

Family health insurance

Safety on the jobsite

Pension benefits

Job security

Dignity and respect on the job

A team you can count on


Workers who are in a union earn better wages, have better benefits, and better working conditions than those who are not in a union. By pooling our resources together, we’re able to raise standards and protect our members. Union dues go directly toward providing legal representation to our members, our members’ pension plans, safety funds, job training resources, union organizing efforts and much more. Our membership dues go directly toward helping members have the dignity and respect they deserve.

A collective bargaining agreement is a contract between an employer and workers. Unions help workers negotiate wages and benefits, hours and working conditions with employers. Once it’s determined that everything that’s agreed upon is in the workers’ best interest, a contract is put together. A union’s job is to enforce the contract on behalf of the members. Collective bargaining agreements also include procedures for addressing problems in the workplace, settle disputes fairly, and prevent employers from taking advantage of their workers.

When people stand together for what they believe, their united voice is much louder. Unions are the collective voice of workers. Unions use their power to ensure that workers’ rights are protected. They also protect workers from being harassed or discriminated against.

Too often in Pennsylvania, irresponsible employers illegally steal workers’ wages and ignore safety rules. By unionizing, workers gain the legal rights and protections they need. It’s a lot easier to push for dignity and respect on the job when your fellow workers are standing at your side.

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About Sheet Metal Workers’ Local 19

Sheet Metal Workers’ Local 19 is a building trades union representing more than 4,300 skilled and licensed workers throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. We stand together as the most highly trained professionals in the industry, bringing top safety standards and quality work to any project.

Local 19’s members and contractors specialize in the fabrication and installation of custom sheet metal products for HVAC, architectural metal, industrial, commercial kitchen equipment, and signage within the sheet metal industry.

Our work includes, but is not limited to, commercial and residential high-rise buildings, hospitals, pharmaceutical research and development/manufacturing, retail, food service, laboratories, utilities,and public and private institutions of higher learning.

We have assisted in the completion of more than 100,000 new homes in the last 5 years, as well as schools, libraries, and other public and private buildings.

We care about guaranteeing the highest level of construction excellence available in the industry and serving as a reliable partner with responsible contractors and our communities.