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Delaware Strengthens Worker Pay for Offsite Fabrication

As of July, 2023, the state of Delaware has amended Title 29 of the Delaware Code Relating to Prevailing Wage.

What is offsite fabrication?

Any shops that fabricate for prevailing rate jobs in the field must now, by law, be paid the prevailing wage rate in the shops for such jobs.

Why does this legislation matter?

Crooked contractors were using a loophole to avoid prevailing wage laws, paying workers as little as possible because the work is being done in a shop rather than in the field. This bill closes that loophole, protecting taxpayer dollars by ensuring funds used on those projects go directly to workers, strengthening investments in our families, communities, and local economy.

How does this new legislation help workers and families?

  • Prevailing wage standards help to even the playing field for all workers by eliminating gender and racial pay disparities. Everyone receives the same pay rate they have earned and deserve, and that wage rate is essential to supporting workers and families.
  • Prevailing wage standards also strengthen protections for Delaware workers by reducing incentives for contractors to outsource jobs to out-of-state workers , encouraging contractors to employ local workers who help grow our local economy.
  • Prevailing wage standards help strengthen taxpayer protections by ensuring all projects with offsite fabrication that use taxpayer dollars are transparent, support rigorous training standards, and produce quality work for the our communities’ hard-earned investment in these projects.